Epistem wines are all from our own organic certified vineyards. We have two main vineyards, situated in the mountains of Jumilla at around 850 meter above sea. Espernalas “Clos” An old Pie Franco vineyard of over 90ha in one plot, surrounded by natural stones, removed over the times from the vineyards. Mainly Monastrell Pie Franco planted here, with some old Bobal. A vineyard which was famous in the region, for its unique terroir, forgotten by time,we have been able to revive it and continues working on bringing it back to where it’s name belong.

Panduro A north facing vineyard, just below a forest, which creates freshness and silky fine wines. Planted on Monastrell, Pie Franco. The wines we make are true expressions of their immediate terroir. We work based on minimal interventions and let the wines express their origins.

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Inspired by the philosophy of natural branch of the Theory of Knowledge, our wines are the product of two paths that lead to the truth in nature: logical reasoning and sensory experience. Applying rigorous analytical thinking to the manifestations of nature.

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Majorca the biggest of the Balearic
Islands with great heritage of wine culture.



We have been in this region since 1998, working with the old vineyards of Monastrell.



Atlan & Artisan works in the same directions with few selected artisanal grape growers.